Pick a Vignette - Daughters of Promise - July 11


But the crowds learned about it and followed Him.  He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God and healed those who needed healing.  Luke 9:11

If you could travel back to 30 A.D. to watch Jesus’ interactions with people, and if you could take your camera with you, what snapshots would you want to capture? Put yourself there in the crowd or if you are looking on to witness a personal encounter Jesus had with someone, put yourself just out of sight. As you watch from a close distance, there must be a moment that stands out.

What made you choose those stories for your pictures?
What about Jesus makes Him UN-like how others might have acted?
Is your heart stirred to be in the stories, and why?
What did Jesus do, or offer…that makes you ache for the same?
What does Jesus promise You today that is identical or similar?

Talk to Jesus about your snapshots. Tell Him what you love about the stories, what you love about His heart and His actions. Ask Him to make the stories come alive in your heart as if you’d really been there. Finish this sentence in a prayer: “Jesus, I would have enjoyed being with you on that day because _____________________.”

For me, I wish I’d seen Him engage with the Rabbis when He was 12. I would have loved to have heard His wisdom that was not of this world. I would have enjoyed how Truth and Wisdom stunned the educated and left them confounded.

I wish I could have been one of the mourners at Lazarus’ tomb. I would have wanted to experience the power of the command that brought about a resurrection. Did anyone fall to their knees to worship Him or were they too afraid? If I only could have seen Him perfectly empathize with Mary and Martha but then change their world forever.

I wish I could have been in the upper room when Jesus washed His disciple’s feet. I would have loved to have seen their faces when my Lord visibly became a Servant.

I take joy in every story about You, even the hard ones because they prove Your deity. Amen

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Originally published Thursday, 11 July 2019.