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Published: Nov 27, 2023

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They are reborn—not with a physical birth resulting from human passion or plan, but a birth that comes from God.  Joh 1:13

Babies are born, more often than not, from moments of human passion and planning.  Reasons for having children may or may not be sound, yet new lives exist as a result of human decisions.  Millions of children are born as a result of a beautiful love story.  But not all.  How many children were born out of selfishness?  How many children were born as an unintended surprise?  How many children were born as a means for one parent to find intimacy with a child instead of a spouse?  How many children were born so that a parent could live a second childhood through them?  Reasons for passion and planning are many.  Some good.  Some bad.

Not so with God’s passion and God’s planning.  His passion is pure.  His plans are perfect.  His love for those He creates begins before their conception.  His plans for them are already in stone.  His heart for them will not depend on perfect behavior.  His plans will not be thwarted by their sinfulness.

Many are asking today, “Why did God choose me?  I’m so unworthy.”  There’s wonder and awe in the answer to that question because no spiritual re-birth happens without love being extended with great passion.  Spiritual birth happens after a divine wooing that was planned long ago with great precision.  Does this not offer each of us the best security?  Our first birth was not a mistake.  Our second birth was not a mistake.  Let me speak one on one in your ear.

You were created in your mother’s womb by God.  By Yahweh.  He does all things well.

You were re-born by the Word and Spirit by God, through Jesus.  He does all things well.

You were loved before you knew Him.  You are loved now.  He had plans for your life before you embraced them.  He has plans for you now no matter how impossible it appears.   While flawed humanity had a part in shaping our early years, a holy God started a re-parenting process with you at your new birth.  You do not need to be afraid of Him making mistakes.  He is perfect.  You are secure.  Nothing and no one can wreck it.

For every single person holding their breath in uncertainty right now, hug them tighter and tell them they can exhale with great confidence in You.  You are still the passionate author of tomorrow.  Amen

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Originally published Monday, 27 November 2023.