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Published: May 19, 2020

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After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision: “Fear not, Abram, I am your shield; your reward shall be very great.” Genesis 15:1

Shields pre-date Israel in warfare. Necessary to prevent injury, they came in all sizes. Sometimes the soldier carried his own. Other times he had a shield bearer, one who walked by him and shielded him as he fought. To think of my Father as a servant, a shield bearer, is almost more than I can take in. Who can hurt God!

The one that God protects is the one to whom He made the promise. Why is my blessing threatened to such an extent that I need someone to defend me?

Satan’s personality profile has always included envy and entitlement. He wanted God’s throne and the worship that went with it. He felt He deserved it. Because God will not share His glory with another, Satan led a rebellion and was so charismatic in leadership that he convinced one-third of all the angels who were currently worshipping God to defect. Satan and his fallen angels were flung to earth as punishment and the war began. Anyone who is on God’s side, the One who refused to give Satan what he wanted, is an enemy. He hates me, not just because I’m me, but because I belong to his arch-enemy.

When God chooses to bless His children, Satan is still envious and entitled. He is out to destroy any blessing, any calling, any good thing that God desires to give me. Every promise of God must come with protective power because of the satanic attack that ensues to steal my blessing. Satan did it in the garden with Adam and he’ll do it with me. He’ll make things so hard that I’ll be convinced that the blessing has been nullified and is no longer mine. I’ll throw up my hands and abdicate when, instead, I should be fully engaged in fighting for my blessing. I do my part – God does His by being my shield.

Over what should I be fighting with prayer and with scripture that I’ve declared hopeless? Over what am I blaming God for breaking His promise when it’s the enemy (and my passivity) that has obscured it? Scripture is mine to speak. Spiritual weapons are mine to wield. Prayer, and the victory it brings, happens on my knees.

I’ll never give in. Not by Your grace and the promise of Your protection. Amen.

For more from Christine Wyrtzen and Jaime Wyrtzen Lauze, please visit

For more from Christine Wyrtzen and Jaime Wyrtzen Lauze, please visit

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Originally published Tuesday, 19 May 2020.