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My Post as an Ambassador - Daughters of Promise - October 25

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I am a sojourner on the earth; hide not your commandments from me.  Psalm 119:19

High political leaders know they need ambassadors to represent them in other countries.  They look far and wide to discover the man or woman who will do the job well.  They must be well acquainted with the laws of their country, well acquainted with the wishes and strategies of the people in authority over them so that they will act successfully on their behalf.  Once chosen, there is a 'sending' and a mission that is unique to the country to which they've been called.

The ambassador leaves.  He makes his home in China, or Pakistan, or Kenya.  He does not look like anyone else nor truly live like anyone else there.  He abides by the laws of his new country but he is not a citizen.  He promotes and executes the policies of his country back home.  He speaks on behalf of the president, on behalf of the government, knowing that as he exerts his rule, his leaders back home back him up.  As long as he acts in accordance with his country's principles, he is protected.

I am a sojourner.  Like David, I feel it.  I don't track with the culture in which I live.  The values on earth are not in harmony with the values of heaven.  I'm an ambassador here, meant to represent my king and the laws of His kingdom.  As I rule my world with His principles, God has my back and I am protected.  I speak on behalf of God, act in His best interest, promote the laws of His kingdom.  No wonder David asks that God make his commandments known to Him.  To be in alignment with God's precepts and live by them is to know peace and safety.  God is behind me and before me and when I'm finished representing Him here, when my time of influence has run its course, He will lead me safely home for permanent retirement in His kingdom.

My mission is clear today.  Help me rule well on your behalf.  Amen

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Originally published Monday, 25 October 2021.