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My Doing or God's Doing - Daughters of Promise - April 1, 2019


And Esther won the favor of everyone who saw her. Esther 2:15

When God reveals that it is time to move forward, nothing could stand in our way. The doors, once closed, will open miraculously. The ones with whom we found dis-favor previously, will suddenly have a change of heart toward us. What has changed? Nothing we can attribute to our own ingenuity. It is simply God’s favor resting on our shoulders. It is He who ‘turns the hearts of kings in whatever ways He chooses.’ We are only the instruments through whom His plan is carried out.

Esther entered the king’s quarters and won the admiration of all who saw her. Perhaps they had a difficult time pinpointing what it was about her that captured their heart. I’m sure her beauty was dazzling, her poise impressive, but it was God, infused in her very being, which gave her such distinction. They probably would have described her as someone who lit up with the room. Sometimes light repels but to those whom God’s Spirit has prepared, such as the king, light beckons and warms.

There’s no substitute for trusting God with my future. If I believe in myself, apart from God, and assume that I can be persuasive, creative, and intuitive in a way that will make things happen, it will take a long time for me to depend on God. Especially if I was born with a God-given charisma and natural giftedness.

When it appears I’ve carved my own path and the results were positive, the joy will be hollow. Privately, I know but better. I may seek His blessing but don’t trust Him enough to give it to me in the way He planned, and in a way that I believe is good for me. I want the light of His countenance on my life but am also out to make sure I get it. I simply will not relinquish control, and will manipulate and self-promote. The success feels fragile in my hands because I know that it was done in the flesh. God is discernibly absent though I’ll never admit it to those who might admire me.

Could Esther have won the king’s heart with her beauty and charm? Perhaps. Many women do. But Esther didn’t embark on self-made success. Doors were opened, and then closed, and she didn’t take either personally. She knew to fast and pray for a kingdom outcome.

If I trust God with my future and lay my desires on the altar, I will understand that there are two reasons door are closed. 1.) And open door is not the right time yet or, 2.) It is simply not to be and that’s okay. Esther said, “If I die, I die!” Ultimately, her joy, and my joy, is the result of being someone through whom God carries out His mission in the world. When He does throw open the doors, and I find favor with kings, the favor I enjoy is a God- thing.

There’s no such thing as being ‘stuck’ if I’m following you. There’s no such thing as being ill-equipped when doors are open. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Originally published Monday, 01 April 2019.