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I Have a Future And An Inheritance - Daughters of Promise - March 7, 2019


I Have a Future And An Inheritance

He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge, who subdues peoples under me. Lord, what are human beings that you care for them, mere mortals that you think of them? Psalm 144:2-3

What do a future and an inheritance have in common? They are both things out of my control. I can’t write my future and I can’t put myself in someone’s will. Good news, though. God is all powerful and He controls both. There’s nothing worse than being under the thumb of someone who has this kind of power but is not trustworthy. It’s makes all the difference that God is holy. He writes my glorious future and fashions an inheritance beyond my wildest imagination. This makes me fall on my face in worship.

Worshiping and standing in awe of God are the purposes of my life. Until the experience of being awestruck takes over my heart, I’m not yet living. I’m really the walking dead.

Only mankind can experience awe. The animal kingdom is not awe-driven. They might quiver over the size of a predator staring them in the face but they do not have the capability of standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon and of marveling who made it all. It is only man who is to center his life around the One who is glorious. I am to stand in awe of the future and feel a sense of wonderment regarding the inheritance waiting for me.

The tragedy is that I can be in awe of my present challenges instead of in awe of my future. Side by side, are they even comparable? I can be in awe of my pain level instead of in awe of the joys that await me in glory. Side by side are they even comparable?

I can be in awe of the my economic difficulties instead of in awe of my spiritual inheritance. Are they even comparable? I can be in awe that I didn’t get what I deserved in a family settlement instead of in awe that I will get what I don’t deserve in heaven. Construct your own personal comparisons today and see if your hope rises!

Oh, the pain of those who have been surprised at the reading of a will. Those who thought they would be remembered generously after the death of a loved one find out that they were not remembered at all. What do they do with the pain of that?

To live in awe of my future and my inheritance is to live in deferred hope. Nothing here can make me sour if I keep my eyes on Jesus. His love defies superlative language descriptors. I’m wealthy and so are you if God is your Father. Others might not be able to tell by looking at us with the exception of our lifestyle of gratitude. We who are visiting the valley of suffering, with the joy of deferred hope in tact, will astound others. We are homesick children of God; persecuted but not destitute, pressed down, but ever awe-struck.

Nothing deserves my awe but You because You are Lord over everything. Amen

Originally published Thursday, 07 March 2019.