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Published: Oct 05, 2023

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Much wealth is in the house of the righteous.  Proverbs 15:6

The wealth Solomon is referring to has nothing to do with net worth.  He speaks of an abundance that can be felt in one's spirit.  How do others feel when they’re in my space, whether home, office, car, or Sunday School room?

Have you ever driven by a certain house and felt that something is wrong?  The house felt dead, even dark.  Sadness, trauma, anger, and perversion all left their mark on a property.  I have stayed in many homes where there has been a lot of arguing.  I could tell just walking in the door that the spirit of anger had a foothold.  Tension knotted my stomach just minutes after arriving.  I have also been the guest in homes where depression ruled.  I felt my energy decline the longer I was under their roof.

God's children are not to be held captive to sin, nor a prisoner to the things of darkness that seek to rule all men.  We are to know how to get free from such chains to walk in freedom and joy.  The effects of that on our home, whether we live in a palace or a small room in a nursing facility, are simply profound.

Some years ago, I had the chance to visit a certain woman's house for the first time.  It was the home of Elizabeth Guthrie, my dear friend and co-laborer in this ministry.  It was Christmastime and I was invited for lunch along with two other friends.  I didn’t know Elizabeth well back then so when she answered the door and I took a step inside, I felt I had stepped into such a peaceful space that it literally took my breath away.  It was obvious that someone firmly connected to God lived there.  A holy calm marked her territory and it spoke volumes to me about her private world.  While I conversed over lunch about other topics, I never stop pondering the feelings of being in her space.

How do people feel when they come to my home?  What does their body language tell me?  Do they linger and hate to leave?  How does your home seem to you?  Do you love spending time there?  We’ll never know how many people enter our space and say, “Everything is all right now.  I’m here with _________.”

Just as I must be intentional to take care of my inner world and assess any sin that needs to be repented of, I must also be purposeful to commit the space of my home to the Lord Jesus Christ.  He wants to forgive and cleanse me from all the sins that have been committed on the four corners of my property.  He wants to deliver me from any evil that still lingers, send a cleansing wind from the basement to the upper floors, and then fill my house with His glory.  I just have to ask and take daily steps to keep it a holy place.  A sanctified life is a protected life.

Fill me, and every space that belongs to me, with Your light and glory.  In Jesus' name, Amen

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Originally published Thursday, 05 October 2023.