How He Feels About His Own Word - Daughters of Promise - January 11, 2019

Published: Jan 11, 2019

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Psalm 119:103

Years ago, someone I considered a mentor made a comment to me about what faith is like. Her description consisted only of four words and they have lived with me for over thirty years. Words, especially wisdom from God, have a life of their own and live forever.

How does God feel about His own Word?  Can you even imagine?  When I feel numb and casual about a scripture, God is anything but that. How is the gap bridged between how I may feel about it and how He feels?  How does ‘casual’ meet ‘passionate’?  How can ‘casual’ become ‘passionate’?  There is a way.

The Spirit of God lives inside each of His children. When I read the scriptures, the Holy Spirit is aware of it and is feeling something. He is willing and eager to communicate that to me if I ask.

Meditation skill #4: Ask God to help me feel what He feels about that passage.

When I’m reading an Old Testament story, God remembers it all in vivid detail like it was yesterday. He remembers the sin of the people and the victories of the saints. Excitement is in His memory. When I’m reading a warning about the consequences of sin, God feels the high stakes. He’s praying I’ll believe what I’m reading and avoid the painful consequences. When I’m reading verses of comfort and promises He’s made, He’s feeling passionately about my encouragement. He’s hoping I’m latching on to His words as lifelines.

I have experienced feeling little one moment while meditating on a scripture, but then asking God to help me feel what He feels about it. Words that failed to move me will often end up causing me to weep over their beauty. What made the difference?  Asking the Spirit to stir my heart emotionally and make me as alive to the content as He is alive to it. If I’m not experience God in His very words, there is a real disconnect.

You are never numb. I am often numb. Help me move out of stoicism into experiential unity with You. Amen

Originally published Friday, 11 January 2019.


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