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Giving Thanks and Making Vows - Daughters of Promise - November 13

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By: Christine Wyrtzen

Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving, and perform your vows to the Most High. Psalm 50:14

Today is a day to offer thanks. I pray it won't be just a whisper under our breath but openly giving God the glory. Our kids may groan, muttering, "Here goes Mom again." Our unsaved relatives may roll their eyes. But, if others are in a stage where they find our faith contagious, we will usher in an environment of gratitude where everyone takes part.

How has this year been for you so far? While there have been difficult hours, did God make himself real to you? I had several months earlier this year that were as challenging as any I've experienced in my life, but oh the deliverance God brought. His love and grace sustained when it appeared impossible to continue. Today is a day to praise Him for the blessing of being His child.

The Psalmist encourages another exercise ~ to perform vows to the Most High. A vow is a serious thing. It binds and it also brings about consequences according to the purity or impurity of our words. Too many vows are spoken carelessly; vows to join a secret society, a fraternity, a swearing to adhere to the 'family way of doing things', etc. These entrap and Jesus was clear as to the danger. He said, "Don't make false vows but only vows to the Lord your God." What kind of words might they be?

  • I will finish this race well.
  • Like a bride who stands at an altar, I vow to love you all my life.
  • I will obey you, and walk in your footsteps.
  • I will make you my treasure above all other people, and all other things.

So God, today is a day I offer my thanks for all You are. Because You have loved me, I vow to love You in return. Today is another day to live for Your honor and glory - in front of all the people who are with me most of the time. Live through my hands today and bless them through me. Amen.

For more from Christine Wyrtzen and Jaime Wyrtzen Lauze, please visit www.daughtersofpromise.org

For more from Christine Wyrtzen and Jaime Wyrtzen Lauze, please visit www.daughtersofpromise.org

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Originally published Friday, 13 November 2020.