Do I Take What I Need? - Daughters of Promise - May 28

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With joy you will draw waters from the well of salvation.  Isaiah 12:3

From what do I need saving?  Eternal security and the forgiveness of sins were only the beginning.  So much more, as it pertains to salvation, is offered to me in Christ.  Do I draw from its waters when I need it?  Or, do I suffer needlessly?  If it’s the latter, the reason is either unawareness that there is help from God’s well or my lack of humility to admit my need and ask to be saved.

So Lord, I look at the well of salvation that you made available at the foot of the cross.  You helped me see my sin, how absolutely lost I was, so that I ran to the well of your mercy to drink.  I pray for all those I love today who are too threatened to admit their need of a Savior.   Show them the horror of living under Your condemnation and the exhilaration of living under Your grace.

Jesus, the well of salvation is still deep for every spiritual child You are raising.   Am I willing to see my sin and my need?   

  • Where I feed on my fear and become small, lead me to confess it and drink from your well of courage.  You promise me salvation.
  • Where I feed on the torment of past failures, lead me to confess it and drink from your well of forgiveness.  You mercy is new every morning.
  • Where I criticize others in order to feel powerful, lead me to confess it and remember your undeserved love toward me when I was condemned to die.  You deeply love the one I am maligning.  Even the unregenerate.
  • Where I feel angry over needs yet unmet, lead me to confess my entitlement and drink from your well of promises to the humble.  You know my need and will bend low to save me if I live gratefully.
  • Where I feel hopelessness over my own sin, lead me out of unbelief.  I drink from the well of salvation and acknowledge Your power to change the one You created.

Make me a child who runs to Your well of provision.  Let me awaken with Your well of resources ever before me.   Let me drink of it as easily as I sit down to eat three meals a day.  Smash my pride.  Enable me to view myself as You see me; both sinful and forgiven.  You see the level of my thirst today.  Do what you need to do to increase it so that I live as one who proves that You are enough.

The abundant life starts at the well of salvation. Deepen my thirst.  Amen

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Originally published Tuesday, 28 May 2024.