We Saw Him, But Only By Faith - Daughters of Promise - October 23, 2018

Christine Wyrtzen

Your ancestor Abraham rejoiced that he would see my day; he saw it and was glad.  John 8:56

This quote by Jesus was not meant to convey that he roamed the earth when Abraham lived.  This is a statement about faith.  When might Abraham have seen Jesus?  Perhaps it was when he took Isaac to Mt. Moriah and waited for the provision of a lamb.  Though God ultimately provided a physical lamb to sacrifice in place of Isaac, when Abraham’s arm was poised to come down on his son, clutching the knife,  perhaps the eyes of Abraham’s spirit saw Jesus, the ultimate sacrificial lamb.  Jesus said that Abraham saw him and believed.

Abraham didn’t see Jesus on the way up the mountain.  He didn’t even see him as he built the altar upon which Isaac would be sacrificed.  He had to see obedience through to the end, to come to the moment where there was no turning back, in order for the lamb to come into view.

Over what do I feel desperate today?  I may be stressed, momentarily pressed to the limit, but perhaps I’m only making my way up Mt. Moriah.  I’ve not reached the top yet.  I’ve not yet built the altar and taken the knife in my hand.

One thing is sure.  For the one who lives by faith, the provision of salvation is sure.  Just like Abraham, I can live with spiritual eyesight, one that looks ahead and sees a Savior who promises deliverance.  I can listen in that still small place inside and hear the promises of the One who is faithful, even when our own flesh and blood are on the line.  The end of my rope is the beginning of God’s.

Help me see with the eyes of faith.  Amen

Originally published Tuesday, 23 October 2018.