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By: Christine Wyrtzen

In the beginning God… Genesis 1:1a

Knowing where we come from has become of paramount interest in recent history. has grown in popularity and I know many people who have spent years constructing their personal genealogy. I can’t count how many meals I’ve shared with people who love to talk about their discoveries.

Their eyes are alive and their voice is animated as they tell from whom, and from where, their family emanated. Questions about themselves often disappear as they discover that they are not alone and, in fact, are quite like their ancestors. They are relieved and feel validated. Some are also enlightened as to the depravity of their family lines.

I know of only one person who claims that she can trace her family line back to Adam. I didn’t ask how but I found it pretty incredible that such a long history could be documented on paper.

If I’m willing to live by faith, I can believe that my beginnings are rooted in someone earlier than Adam. “In the beginning God…” Before the likes of someone like Adam ever existed, God was there. He is the foundation of everything created and not yet created. He is order. He is structure. He is holy. He can be trusted. He is good. Behind every genealogy is a Person, not nothingness.

To understand who I am, I must know where I came from. And, I must know why I was created. I can’t ask a four-hundred-year-old ancestor such questions but I can ask someone who is called the Ancient of Days. He’s talking. And He’s answered my deepest questions in the revealed Scriptures because the Word doesn’t withhold critical information from His creation.

My journey through Genesis will give shape and form to my personal history.

The Internet provides access to The Scriptures do better than that. They provide access to Ancestry.God.

My history began in the cradle of Your heart.   I was known, loved, and created for a purpose because You are the foundation of all life. Increase my view of You. My journey through Genesis is dedicated to You, Lord. Amen

For more from Christine Wyrtzen and Jaime Wyrtzen Lauze, please visit

For more from Christine Wyrtzen and Jaime Wyrtzen Lauze, please visit

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Originally published Wednesday, 29 September 2021.