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Jesus, My Ark of Safety - Daughters of Promise - November 12, 2018

Christine Wyrtzen

Make yourself an ark of gopher wood.  Make rooms in the ark, and cover it inside and out with pitch. 
Genesis 6:114

God’s children are not destined for wrath but eternal life.  God’s wrath was about to destroy the earth with a flood but God proclaimed a different outcome for Noah. When the world would groan under the weight of God’s judgment, His child would safely nestle in God’s care.

This is not the last time an ark is mentioned.  When the male children of the Hebrews were being slain by Egyptians, God had one mother make a nesting place for her baby amidst the bulrushes of the Nile.  The same words for ‘an ark made with pitch’ are used again as she made a ‘floating box made with pitch’ to save her baby, Moses.

God’s purposes, written before time, will always prevail.  Even though it may appear that evil has snuffed out God’s promises, His covenant is unshakeable. The end of the story has already been written and God does not have to labor to make it all work out in the end.

What floodwaters are threatening to undo you today?  When trouble rushes in like a flood, I can feel that my life is at stake emotionally, even physically.  Noah heard the roar of the storm, felt the fury of the wind on his ark, but rode out the storm with confidence.  Today, Jesus is my ark, my hiding place .

David said, “The children of men take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.”  When in danger for my life, I run to Him.  Like a child who flees to a parent’s room to hide in their embrace during a storm, I run to Christ.  Under His wing, I hear His assurances.  “Shh, don’t be afraid.  I’m here.”  Under His wing, He even serves me a banquet in the presence of my enemies.  I eat food that He has served up with the most poignant revelation.

I must not listen to voice of my enemy today.  He would assure me that I’m doomed.  He will tempt me with many ways to self-preserve.  Defend myself against accusers.  Self-comfort in ways that are not good for me.  Force circumstances to work in my favor.  All the time, God’s arms are open, He’s stooped down to beckon to the scared small child.  “Come!”

Jesus, my ark of safety.  Sealed by Your Spirit.  I run to You at the sign of the first threat on my life.  Amen

Originally published Monday, 12 November 2018.