Faith is Your Filter - Daughters of Promise - May 18

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Christine Wyrtzen

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. Psalm 37:5

I delight in the heart of the scriptures. I delight in the heart of people. I’ve spent a lifetime knowing myself, coming to know God, and understanding how people are wired. Whether it’s Meyers Briggs, DISC Assessment, or Strength Finders, I’ve taken the tests and encouraged other people to take them. The women I’m mentoring are probably chuckling reading this because we’re currently exploring their results to Strength Finders

Here’s the downside to knowing and understanding people. Not only do you discover their strengths but you also come to know the depth of their weaknesses. When challenges come their way, you see 10x more pitfalls than most people because you know how they process life. The better you know them, the more you are tempted to worry.

This is my summer to more deeply address my lifelong battle with worrying, fretting, fussing, and anguishing. Though I teach Prayer Mapping and the language of faith, it continues to be my greatest struggle. Perhaps that’s why I’m so passionate to teach it. People who take the course can assume I’ve conquered it and have become some kind of expert. No, I’m living the challenge. Martin Luther said, “We teach best what we have had to learn most.” I’ll paraphrase into the present tense. “I teach best what I am having to learn most.” God uses my weakness to show Himself strong.

Our pastor has been taking us through various Psalms this summer. Every single one, so far, has had to do with some facet of worry. Today, he said this. “Faith is a filter.” That caught my attention because faith is the opposite response to anxiety. Faith reminds me (in the face of everything that concerns me) that God is ruling when it appears mayhem prevails, God is watching when I fear He’s lost interest, God is active when I see no evidence of it, God is omniscient and I am not, God is sovereign over all surprises, God is redemptive when life seems full of wasted pain, God is fiercely protective when His children are vulnerable, God is just when evil temporarily prospers, God is a faith-giver when I’m running on empty, and God is a Father who is never fatigued, distracted, nor disinterested. “Let faith arise.” 

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Originally published Tuesday, 18 May 2021.