Skill in Spiritual Intuition - Daughters of Promise - March 7

Christine Wyrtzen

Come, O children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.  Psalm 34:11

God’s child is meant to be spiritually intuitive. Though God is a communicator, He is often subtle. If I’m dull instead of intuitive, I will miss the signposts that are significant to my journey.  Just as Jesus spoke in veiled language, often in parables, He still has a specific way of speaking to each of His children.  An unbeliever will never discern the message nor understand its contents.  Spiritual intuition is a skill and is nothing I can set out to develop on my own.  It is given to me by way of grace.  I consider my spiritual ancestors and what they might have perceived prior to life-changing events.

  • Joseph prepared a feast for his brothers. When they arrived, they were seated in order of their birth. Who was the first to notice? We’re not told. But eventually, all of them were stunned and speechless. They knew the moment was pregnant with implications.
  • David's life was forever altered the moment he set out to deliver a meal to his brothers on the battlefield.  Did he have a sense that morning that he would face the greatest challenge of his young life thus far?  As he approached the tents of Saul's army and heard the rumblings of fear about Goliath, when did he know in the pit of his stomach that stepping forward to fight was his destiny?

My greatest mentor in spiritual intuition is Jesus.  He was prayerfully discerning throughout the Gospels.  Under girding all of his 'seemingly' spontaneous decisions was time spent with His Father.  Every moment of solitude fueled righteous decision making.  He knew when to heal, what to preach, who to trust, what was coming next, who was putting on a show, and who was sincere.  He never misdiagnosed a spiritually pregnant juncture.

There are crossroads that will cause me to draw in my breath. Everything will feel like it’s shifting. The moments seem fragile, even tenuous.  Am I prepared for it?  Am I ordering my time in a way that will foster spiritual intuition?  I know that I dare not mess it up. If ever there is a time for me to stay quiet and watchful, it is this moment.  Pondering will take precedence in my priorities.

Right now, in a few areas of my life, things are being shaped by God. The outcome is unknown. It’s time for human hands to be restrained and God’s hands to be loosed. It's time for me to slow down, wait, and listen.  Since spiritual intuition is a gift from God, I am a poor beggar this morning, asking God to open my eyes to everything I can’t see yet can discern with His help of His Spirit who knows all things past, present, and future.

Something momentous, something of heaven, is being carved by You. That’s all I want.  In Jesus name, Amen

Originally published Wednesday, 07 March 2018.