Spiritual Growth Stimulator - Daughters of Promise - June 19, 2018

Christine Wyrtzen

When I told of my ways, you answered me; teach me thy statutes.  Psalm 119:26

Confession in prayer can be powerful in ways I might not anticipate.  I get to talk about what I did and the Spirit answers if I know how to hear His voice.  It need not be a one-way conversation.  I often sense Him asking, "And why did you do that?"  I answer.  Immediately, the thought comes to me.  "And what led you to think like that, Christine?"  I am provoked to even deeper reflection.  He is listening wisdom.  He made me and is never puzzled by my actions.  If questions are asked, it is only because I need to answer them for the purpose of self-revelation.  He does not need to know the answers, I do.

In the best of relationships, there are times of listening, of asking questions, with an encouragement to stretch and grow.  Yet, how many times are leading comments made like ~ "I was so frustrated when I did that."  But only a few will come back and ask me why.  So many let the moment go by untouched.  What could have been a beneficial dialogue for both of us was only a monologue.  It would have benefited me because I would have had the advantage of processing something valuable out loud.  It would have benefited them because listening would bring wisdom.  Most every great place of growth in my life is due to someone's thought provoking question.  So much so ~ that it has shaped the way I do ministry.  One-on-one sharing is always characterized by Spirit-shaped questions.

God's involvement in the inner conversations of my heart lead me to profound discoveries and eventual life change.   Dialogue leads me to understand how broken I am and how much I need what He offers.  It also unveils hidden things of the heart.  Only God can nudge this kind of unknown content out of the dark and bring it into the light.  No wonder David asks God to teach him His statues in two-way prayer.  The need for divine wisdom was his most pressing concern.

Lord, no one asks questions like you.  Each one is divinely customized.  I'm in awe.  Amen

Originally published Tuesday, 19 June 2018.