When I Feel Nothing - Daughters of Promise - April 8

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Christine Wyrtzen

Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things our of thy law.  Psalm 119:18

Believing eyes are able to behold the wonder of the kingdom.  A spiritual truth is sought after, it is recognized as having more value than anything on this earth, and it is often so stunning that the one reading it sees it through eyes filled with tears.  Unbelieving eyes see nothing of its beauty.  The Word speaks a different language.  It is not attractive nor understandable.  Most of it sounds outrageous, and at the very least, foolish.

Oftentimes, on the days when I need His Word the most, I am blinded by my own pain. I have unbelieving eyes.  Emotions run hot and I only see words on a page.  What pierced my heart a week ago doesn't speak to me today.  Trials can be numbing.

I might lack eyesight because of an illness in my body.  When the flesh is out of sorts, the beauty and luster can be obscured.  The worst thing I can do in either of these cases is chalk it all up to a bad day and shut out the scriptures.  When I’m numb to my need, my need is the greatest!  When I’m incapable of connecting, God wants nothing more than to help me.

This experience calls for perseverance.  I need to push through my blindness and come before God with my dilemma.  “Open my eyes, remove the scales,” I pray.  This is the heart cry of one who knows what they need but are powerless to make it happen.  The only One who can remove spiritual blindness is God.  The scales come off when, by His grace, He grants spiritual sight.  It is a supernatural intervention when the finger of God breaks through into my personal space with a kingdom touch.  Just as Jesus reached down, made mud in the palm of His hand and put a bit of cool earth on the blind man’s eyes, God touches my spiritual blindness and immediately the fog begins to clear.

You love to cure spiritual blindness.  I feel Your joy when You touch my need with insight.  My heart rises to meet Yours.  My joy in connecting with You is food for the worst of days.  In Jesus name, Amen

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Originally published Thursday, 08 April 2021.