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Confirmations - Daughters of Promise - December 30

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Confirm to your servant your promise, that you may be feared. Psalm 119:38

The human soul can be so tossed about by trouble that a once confirmed promise from God is shaken loose from its foundation. God gave it, even confirmed it initially, but now the words feel hollow. The promise has little effect on a heart full of fear and uncertainty. There is no rest in the Word because there is little trust left. Pain has eroded it.

God is gracious to re-confirm His Word in our experience. David made this request more than once. In 2 Samuel, he worded it this way. “”Now therefore, O LORD God, the word that You have spoken concerning Your servant and his house, confirm it forever, and do as You have spoken.” If ever anyone needed confirmation of a promise, it was David. Between anointing and crowning, nearly two decades passed. During that interim, there were threats on his life and he knew nothing but turbulence. The promise of a kingly reign must have seemed like a fairy tale for someone out of touch with reality.

Human beings make promises, then break them, and often they even forget that they ever made a promise in the first place. Between God’s promise and its fulfillment can come a mountain of trouble. I can fear that God has forgotten me or simply changed His mind about blessing me. Worse yet, I can fear that I’ve done something to disqualify myself. A toxic hopelessness kicks in.

For every place where I’ve lost my way, grace is available. God knows my feeble trust and will confirm His promise, yet again, so that I can stand on solid ground again. When a child needs to hear confirmation of love and care, he should not be belittled. A good parent graciously gives it, knowing that as their child grows, he will be able to stand for longer periods of time without reassurance. But when he caves, there is understanding and grace. The good news is this ~ God is more gracious than any human parent.

When it seems that your promise has slipped through my fingers, I need to know that it’s still in Your grasp, still very much active in my life. Re-confirm where I’ve lost my way, Lord.

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Originally published Thursday, 30 December 2021.