Clueless - Daughters of Promise - May 1, 2019


The king again asked, “Queen Esther, what is your petition? It will be given you.” Then Queen Esther answered, “If I have found favor with you, grant me my life–this is my petition. And spare my people–this is my request. Esther 7:2-3

I find this conversation between this king and queen preposterous. They are married yet their lack of intimacy is evident. Esther has been in travail for several weeks. The king is so caught up in the affairs of his kingdom that he is clueless as to the suffering of his wife. When she asks him to spare her life, he is shocked.

Unfortunately, this can be a picture of many intimate relationships. The ones who should notice that our burden is too heavy are often the last ones to see the sign. The intimacy that should mark our connection is mocked.

Today, I may be so consumed with my world that I fail to notice what threatens to destroy the life of someone I love. The signs are probably there if I look. While they may be subtle (for few wear their despair openly on their sleeve), I should be connected to their heart in such a way as to discern the evidence. A face that reveals lack of sleep. Staring off into space. A lifeless spirit. Hibernation from others. Veiled answers to my questions. May I be a catalyst to bring their pain out in to the open before it’s too late.

The Spirit of God, the One who is omniscient about those I love, lives in me. Therefore, discernment and wisdom should be my hallmarks. The Spirit was sent to be a comforter and will often use my hands to accomplish His mission. His knowledge of others is perfect and complete. I need only be still long enough to tap into His revelation. He will show me how to pray, when to reach out, and even what words to use to draw out their admission of need. May “clueless” never characterize my rapport with someone who lives right under my nose.

Is someone I love wondering how to make it through today? Show me. I will be Your instrument of intervention. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Originally published Wednesday, 01 May 2019.