A Petition to Be Like Jesus in Passionate Prayer

Debbie Przybylski

Intercessors Arise
Published Mar 18, 2016
A Petition to Be Like Jesus in Passionate Prayer
Jesus was passionate in prayer. We see it in the way He lived. Intimacy with the Father was the theme of His life. Jesus is our teacher and life example.

"There was something about His life that riveted the attention of the disciples as they observed Him from day to day. They saw Him pray over individuals with profound effect. They watched Him in the intimate moments of His personal times with the Father. There was such vibrancy, such joy in His time alone with God that He would come forth from them refreshed as from a couch of rest. So intrigued were the disciples that they would occasionally inquire about that dynamic and Jesus would instruct them." - Gary Wiens

Jesus was passionate in prayer. We see it in the way He lived. Intimacy with the Father was the theme of His life. Jesus is our teacher and life example. He prioritized prayer daily. It was important to Him, and He has much to teach us about prayer. He petitioned the father with fervent cries and tears (Hebrews 5:7). No wonder his disciples called upon Him to teach them to pray. Notice they didn’t ask Him to teach them how to preach but how to pray! He taught by example, He taught by passion, and He taught by words. The heartbeat of Jesus was for prayer and communion with the Father.

Hungering after God and prioritizing a life of intimacy and passionate prayer is up to us. The choice is ours. If we give it our all, we will not be disappointed. God will give us back so much more - not only in this life - but throughout all of eternity!

Here is a crafted prayer that you can personally pray again and again to help you to be like Jesus in prayer. You may also want to purchase my latest book called The Passionate Prayer Life of Jesus. Two websites to help you in passionate prayer are the Intercessors Arise and Nations House of Prayer Equipping Center websites.

My Petition to be Like Jesus in Passionate Prayer

Lord, You were passionate in prayer. Teach me to pray like You. I ask You to help me become a better prayer warrior and worshipper for Your glory and the furtherance of Your Kingdom. Help me to grow deeper in prayer this year than I ever have grown before. I want to pray for others just like You prayed for your disciples in John 17. Help me to be concerned in my petitions, asking for their safety, sanctification, and protection. Help me to love the way You love.

I ask that You would help me to apply Your pattern and model of prayer into my life on a daily basis. Help me to worship You in spirit and in truth (John 4:23-24) and without pride and selfish ambition (Luke 18:13-14). Help me to pray in faith and without doubting (Hebrews 11:6). Increase my faith to petition confident prayers, supernatural prayers in Your name. Help me to be forgiving towards everyone (Matthew 6:14-16). Help us to be persistent in my prayers and never give up (Luke 11:5-10, 18:1-8). Answer me according to your will. I desire to abide in You with Your words abiding in me. Thank You that in this way I can pray with assurance and know that You will answer my prayers (John 14:13-14). Teach me to practice fasting on a regular basis (Matthew 6:17-18).

Jesus, You are my teacher and example. You were passionate in your petitions and you prayed often, even early in the morning (Mark 1:35, Luke 6:12). Bring me into higher dimensions in prayer. You are praying for me today because You always live to make intercession for Your people (Hebrews 7:25). Help me to embrace a life of prayer and devotion to You. Help me to teach others to pray by example and through my words. I ask that I may be passionate in prayer. In Jesus’ name, amen.

“We stand before a real Person who extends to us this invitation of the highest order. It is a call to fervency that flows from the fullness of love. Just as His eyes pierced through the crowds of old, Jesus summons each single heart out of its lethargy into wholehearted givenness to God. He beckons us to the only foreseeable future, the only plausible outlook, if we desire to live in the fullness of His highest for us. He calls us to give Him everything." - Dana Candler

Together in the Harvest,
Debbie Przybylski
Intercessors Arise International
International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC)