5 Ways I Learned to Ask for God’s Provision

Published Apr 18, 2024
5 Ways I Learned to Ask for God’s Provision

Provision is a way in which God demonstrates his presence in our lives. However, it is easy to ask for things we want rather than what we need and get out of alignment with what God has for us.

As a child, I was taught to work hard and pay for things myself. My family looked down upon receiving gifts or loans from family members or other people. Receiving money or other gifts appeared weak to them.

It was not until I became a Christian that I realized generosity is a part of God's nature. He enlists the help of his children to provide for those who do not have. Growing up as I did, however, I struggled with asking for help. I didn't want to appear weak or lazy to others.

It was not until different situations in my life that God used poverty to encourage me to reach out for help to my brothers and sisters in Christ. Now, I've learned to ask God for his daily bread. Here are five ways I learned to ask for God's provision:

1. I Took One Day at a Time

As someone who struggles with anxiety, it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed with an overpacked schedule and everything that I must do. However, one way that I cope with my anxiety is to take one day at a time. The same goes for God's provision.

When I am faced with financial struggles, it's easy for me to get overwhelmed and fearful of what I might lose. For example, if I'm struggling financially, the first thing I fear is losing my home. This not only has to do with emotional baggage, it’s also a grim reality.

However, I've had to learn not to succumb to Satan's schemes but rather take one day at a time. Every time I'm able to pay my mortgage successfully, I consider it a win.

Therefore, I assure myself I have another 30 days before I worry about getting the next payment, rather than worrying about the next payment that is not to come for another few weeks.

Additionally, Scripture tells us Jesus taught us how to pray. One thing he asked us to pray for was our daily bread. This means God asks us to pray for God's provision one day at a time.

Sometimes, God chooses to provide a large sum of money to take care of things for a few months. Other times, his provision is each day or month. However, I learned to ask every day for God's provision rather than abundance.

2. I Learned to Be Content

Paul modeled this well in Philippians 4:13 when he said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Because this verse focuses on contentment, Paul knew all about what it meant to be content. There were times when Paul was struggling in chains or starving in jail.

Other times he had abundance from the provision of others around him. No matter what circumstance Paul was in, he learned to give thanks and to be content with what God had for him in that moment.

In the same way, I have had to learn to be content with the season that God has me in. Instead of comparing my situation to others’ situations, I have learned to be content, and this is what God has for me right now.

Although we all go through struggles in life, it is easy to look upon other people's lives as being happy and successful and mine to be lacking in something. However, it is in the lack that I've had to learn to be content in all things.

3. I Released Control

This is the most difficult lesson for me to learn. With my Type-A personality, it's easy for me to want to keep control of everything in my life. When I keep control, I believe the lie I can manipulate the outcome of my life.

However, no matter how hard I try, I cannot control some situations. When I learn to release control and realize God is in control of every situation in my life, I’m able to not only trust him but also release control.

When I do this, I'm happier and am willing to trust God more. Jesus tells us to come to him like little children. This means little children worry very little about where their next meal will come from, how they will pay the bills, etc.

In the same way, I need to adopt the same attitude. God will provide each day as he sees fit. My control will not change things.

4. I Stopped Putting God in a Box

Over the years and because of the gift of social media, I've met many people. Some people have had great, successful lives. But most people I know have lived what society would consider an ordinary life. They've had money, jobs, etc., but nothing has gained them fame or fortune.

While fame and fortune are not ideals I want to attain, I learned over the years to ask God for the big things. This means I stopped putting God into a box. I often put God in a box because I'm afraid of being disappointed by the outcome. If I ask for less, I will receive less.

However, God wants to move in my life in big and mighty ways. It is not for me to decide how he does this. He only wants me to ask. If he says no, I need to be satisfied that it’s what is in my best interest.

When it comes to my financial provision, I've had to learn to ask for the big things as well. There have been a couple of times in my prayer time when struggling to pay down debt or trying to make ends meet, I have asked God to prick the hearts of generous givers and give us a large amount of money.

In both situations, that has happened. Although we did not receive the amount I prayed for, it was large enough to put a dent in our financial situation. I was grateful and content that God had that amount for a reason.

However, if it were not for my prayers and boldness to ask him for the big things in my life, I'm not sure it would have happened. I have had to learn to ask God for the seemingly impossible things and watch as God works in miraculous ways.

5. I Stopped Keeping Up with the Joneses

Because we live in a society that is based on privilege, it’s easy to get confused between what I am entitled to and what I need. There's a big difference between needs and wants.

For example, my kids take for granted that they live in a country with Internet access, phone usage, televisions with different options for their viewing pleasure, etc.

These are all privileges, not rights. However, because we are so privileged it is easy to get this confused. When I stopped looking at what my neighbors and friends had and focus only on the things that I need, rather than the things I want to make me a status symbol, I have learned to keep content with my financial provision.

Sometimes, I ask for things simply because they're the things I want to have rather than the things they need. If I analyze what God has provided, he provides more than enough. I need to be content with this.

Instead of trying to compare and keep up with friends and neighbors, I need to focus on gratitude for what he has given me. When I think back on all the ways God has blessed me, I realize I am rich.

Provision is a way in which God demonstrates his presence in our lives. However, it is easy to ask for things we want rather than what we need and get out of alignment with what God has for us.

When we learn to be content, ask God for the big things, avoid the trap of comparison, and take one day at a time, my life is so much more content.

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