Praises, Promises, and Prayers for Our Teachers

Alicia Searl

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Updated May 17, 2024
Praises, Promises, and Prayers for Our Teachers

Teachers deserve all our thanks and praise, but they also need to be reminded of precious promises that God sees them and they are being covered in prayer this summer.

It’s the end of the school year, and that means teachers can finally breathe a sigh of relief going into the summer knowing that they made it! Another year has passed. All their efforts, sacrifices, and late hours spent slaving over lesson plans and planning for all those special projects to help their darling students learn and become successful individuals has finally paid off. They reached the goal line and are now headed into a much-needed and quite justifiable break!

Honestly, my heart goes out to teachers. One, because as a former public-school teacher, I know the strenuous hours and deliberate love, sweat, and tears that go into making a classroom run smoothly. But two, the beauty and challenges that come (especially in this day in age) with shaping young minds and the pressure to equip the next generation truly require teachers who are admirable and praiseworthy!

Teachers deserve all our thanks and praise, but they also need to be reminded of precious promises that God sees them and they are being covered in prayer this summer. So, as another school year comes to a close, let’s acknowledge every teacher, homeschool momma, mentor, and coach who has taken the time to really make a difference and invest in our youth. 

Below are some praises, promises, and prayers to lift our beloved teachers:

Praises for Teachers

When I taught kindergarten (many years ago), several of my students believed I stayed at school the whole summer cleaning and preparing for the next year. Some even thought I slept there – ha! Granted I did spend a lot of time during the summer in my classroom, but when I got a blanket as a gift from one of my sweeties on the last day of school, with a little note that read, “For naps,” it made me chuckle. But, upon reading the parent's note that read, “We see all of your hard work, find time to rest, too,” I was moved to tears! Those simple words meant so much to me. And, yes, I still have all the notes from former students in a memory keepsake box. I have that blanket, too!

Now, as a parent myself, I know that finding the right sentiments to say to those dear teachers who have meant so much to you and your child isn’t always so easy. But truth be told, nothing means more to a teacher than the tender and heartfelt words that come straight from their students' hearts and meaningful gestures from their parents.

Many times, it’s the simple words and thoughtfulness behind them that mean so much! If you are searching for the right words to encourage your child’s teacher, allow the prompts below to inspire you; then let your heart flow from there:

You have been so much more than a teacher – you have been an incredible influence and role model! Thank you!

Thank you for all the fun this year! Your enthusiasm for teaching was evident and your positive attitude was truly inspiring!

With sincere thanks, my child and I are so grateful for your extra support and encouragement this year. 

We are truly thankful for your love and acceptance this year. You always had an ear to listen and a heart to understand. 

So grateful for all your time and efforts you poured into my child this school year. It did not go unnoticed. Forever thankful!

Promises for Teachers

At the beginning of every school year teachers generally go over rules and regulations of their classroom and basically state expectations of the students and promises of how they will conduct themselves to serve their students. Now, as we close the school year, let’s send our teachers into a restful summer covering them in precious promises from our loving God. 

May our teachers:

Reflect on God’s goodness. Psalm 145:5-7 encourages us to praise God and thank Him for His abundant grace, compassion, and faithfulness. Share this with the teacher who may need a dose of encouragement heading into the summer. 

Rest in God’s embrace. Psalm 37:7 reminds us to lean in and find spiritual rest in our God’s loving arms. Share this with a weary teacher who needs to rest in God’s embrace this summer. 

Rejuvenate, Restore, and Refresh in God’s Word. Psalms 23:2-3 reminds us that we serve a God who brings us to a place of peace so that we may be spiritually rejuvenated, restored, and refreshed. Share this with the teacher who may be processing many challenges this year and needs to find clarity and hope in God’s Word to be reminded of His goodness, mercy, and grace.

Prayers for Teachers

A Prayer for Rest

Lord, we thank you for the gifts and talents teachers bring to this up-and-coming generation. Please draw close and give them a safe refuge to rest and be restored from all the hard work they have poured into our children this school year. Give our teachers freedom from any worries or concerns they are clinging to this past year and allow them time to focus on You. Amen.

A Prayer for Strength

Lord, our teachers need Your strength and guidance. As they strive to finish out the school year, grant them the courage to finish strong. Give them resilience to face the challenges that come with those final days and a sweet reminder of this purpose in which You called them to. Amen.

A Prayer for Encouragement

Lord, give our beloved teachers the confidence they need to walk in the power of Your grace. Grant us the means to extend the love, support, and encouragement they need to continue to remain steadfast and place their trust in You. Provide sweet opportunities for their students to show how much they are appreciated and to close the year with sweet memories to hold on to. Amen.

A Prayer for Wisdom

Lord, we know that teachers have the heavy weight of juggling many obligations in their classroom while also meeting the needs of their own families. As they seek to find balance, provide them with wisdom and discernment to make choices that bring them peace and honor You. Help them place their trust in You alone as they seek You with their whole heart. Amen.

A Prayer for Peace

Lord, we pray with all the excitement and anticipation of the summertime that there be moments of peace in their classrooms. Give our teachers the means to seek You amid the crazy end-of-year schedules and fun-filled events and parties. Grant them the energy to keep going so that they can find a little solace and rest in You in the summer days ahead. Amen.  

A Prayer of Thankfulness

Lord, we thank you for the teachers who are shaping the minds of our children. We value the role they play in our society and hope they feel our love and support. Grant us ways to reach out to let them know how valued they truly are. As we lift them up in prayer, we ask that You open our eyes and ears to their needs so that we can serve them in a way to promote a restful summer. We are so thankful that You placed them in this position and ask that You continue to do a great work in their hearts. Amen.

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