“Yes” Can Change the World. {Rhinestone Jesus Book Giveaway}

Originally published Monday, 28 April 2014.

“Raising world changers.”

This is my number one prayer request. I write about it, I talk about it and work hard at accomplishing it. I desperately want my family to be one that makes a difference for the Kingdom.

But can I be honest?

When I try to wrap my head around and apply some sense of reality to this “beyond my ability”concept…I am stuck. And if you were to judge my progress, I am afraid you would find that I am a far ways off from changing the world. Most days I am just trying to sort through the chaos in my home.

Simply put, I am a mess.

I am the mom that makes my 1st grader cry over basic math.

I am the wife that rolls my eyes at a simple request from my husband. 

I am the friend that ignores a phone call because I am too tired to chat.

I am the homemaker with 6 piles of laundry, an empty fridge and a dusty TV stand.

And these are just the things I am willing to share with you… 

And this, my friend, is where saying #yesinmymess comes in.

“Changing the world starts with a small yes.” Click to Tweet

Kristen Welch. I have followed her blog, We Are That Family for a while now. I’ve often read her words and thought to myself, “now she’s a world changer”—raising a family, working to start a nonprofit on the other side of the world (Mercy House) and investing in the lives of families daily on her blog.

How in the world does she do it?!

Well simply put, Kristen says, “Yes.” Yes to God. Yes to the small, the daily, and seemingly trivial acts of life.

In Kristen’s new book, Rhinestone Jesus, she shares her heart, her story and her mess. It is beautifully written and surprisingly similar to my life, and I am sure yours. Kristen is a mom of three, a wife and she is committed to following the heart of Christ for her life and for her family.

Isn’t that what God calls us all to?

So how do you become a world changer? In short, you say “yes” to the creator of the world.

For me, most days the “yes” I offer leads me to my knees beside my daughter’s bed or holding my husband’s hand to say, “I am sorry.”

“Yes” drags me to the grocery story and pulls me into the kitchen!

Raising world changers and being a world changer starts by crying out to our Father and offering Him a “yes” from the normal, hard and sometimes seemingly chaotic routines of our lives.

I am grateful for Kristen and her “yes.”

If you are a mess, like me, than you are right where God wants you and I pray Rhinestone Jesus will encourage you to say, “yes!”

You can win a copy of Rhinestone Jesus here! And you can find out more about the book Rhinestone Jesus here!

What has God asked you to say yes to?