When Resolutions Matter

Originally published Monday, 30 December 2013.

Resolutions—I always admire those who can set and follow through with a precise list of goals to jumpstart their new year. The kind of person that not only writes down the changes they want to see happen, but list and date the required action steps, place the list in their Bible and follow-through accordingly.  

This person is my husband.

However, unlike my husband, I am the person who fretfully runs from drastic change and hides from bullet points and detailed lists, especially those that begin on January 1st. I’d much rather imagine a year full of happy moments and measurable growth… with the least amount of planning and effort on my part.

But who am I fooling? If I want to see growth in my own life, then I must be intentional in the process.

Even subtle transformation requires intentional thought and action.

Overtime, a New Year’s resolution, written or just held tightly in the forefront of my mind, becomes nothing more then a fantasy if I am not committed to the details and the work.  Real modification is a result of small daily steps that ultimately lead to change.

For me, an unplanned year will most likely end in a slow backwards climb down a steep mountain or a slide into an unexplained existence.

In the same way, the most well written lists and thoughtful plans can often become wasted efforts without a steadfast heart and mind to back them.

Without an internal commitment, a page full of unattended bullet points will simply produce a weighty existence full of empty moments.

Here—now—on the verge of another new year, I ask myself:

What small actions can I begin, even now, in order to steer consistent growth and jumpstart the change I’d like to see in my marriage, my family, my ministry?

What will happen when the hard moments come?  Will my internal commitments ring stronger then my unexpected circumstance?


It is a great word, but it is just the beginning. Daily action is the cement that gives your growth a safe place to form.

However you choose to plan, ponder or imagine the New Year, the commitment and resolve must come in how you actually spend the daily moments. Prepare your mind and line your heart with God’s truth and the growth He promises as you seek Him daily.  Make a resolutions that matters.