Originally published Tuesday, 16 April 2013.

Some days….well ok, most days….I fail.

I just can't seem to keep it all together. 

If I complete all of the laundry that means there is no dinner.

If I get caught up on my emails and "work,” I am behind in my Bible study.

If I play with my kids, the house is not clean.

If I wake up early to tackle my to-do-list, well… by bedtime I am exhausted, less patient with my family and can be downright grumpy!

Where is the balance? To be honest I'm just not sure there is one.

On my worst days I fail and the same is true for my best.

The truth is this....

I was created to need.

I was created to depend.

I'm grateful that my creator knew just what He was doing.

I was created to need and depend on Christ to complete me.

As moms and as women, we were not created to keep it all together on our own. We need the guidance and direction of our Heavenly Father.

Our job is to be in tune with His Spirit to guide us through our days. Some days our kids need us to play and some days they just need clean socks!

Play with your kids. Be with your family and rely on our God to help you decipher when to do what!