I Will Never be a Perfect Mother

Originally published Monday, 17 March 2014.

I recently read this and immediately recognized it as one of the truest statements ever…

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Have you ever felt like this? I not have phrased it as eloquently as the above, but now that I have children the notion of perfection is laughable.

“Children bring out our weaknesses and lack of faith, ultimately leading us to a posture of prayer.” {Tweet this!}

Pre-kids I had a list of “I will never’s.” And to be honest, those “never’s” have gradually become understandable exceptions.

Things like:

“I will never let my kids play outside all day in their pj’s.”

Now I smile because I am the mother next door I never thought I’d be.

I will never let my house become dirty and look like “so and so’s.”

Isn’t dirty such a relative word?

My children will never talk to me like that.

I definitely demand respect from my children, but a healthy debate with my seven-year old is sometimes fun and a welcomed challenge!

The realities of motherhood often reduce a multitude of parenting rules down to the bare essentials in areas that are more preference than standard.

So, I have decided to turn my failing list of “nevers” into a growing list of commitments I can actually keep!

A list of “I wills.”

I asked others to join me and here is what we have come up with:

I WILL give my kids the good morning hug – EVERY MORNING!!!

I WILL pray with the kids before they walk out of the door for school. Even if I’m so irritated with their behavior that I want to pull my hair out. Maybe I should say ESPECIALLY when I’m so irritated.

I WILL ALWAYS dance with my children, no matter how loud they scream, beg and plead for me to stop!!

I WILL randomly enter their classrooms whether necessary or not.

I WILL let my baby wear high waters in public…as long as they look like capris!

I WILL ALWAYS let my daughters know they are valued.

I WILL make sure the kids go to the bathroom before leaving the house, even if they say they don’t have to go.

I WILL be honest with my children. I will tell them things like, “That’s not the right top for you,” or “You really need to brush your teeth!”

I WILL ALWAYS know the names of my daughter’s 3 best friends even if it means learning them every 3 days!

I WILL continue to decide my children’s outfits based on my body temperature at the moment.



Your turn! To add to this list of committments visit here! There is comfort in giving up and starting fresh with others who understand!