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God's Word Travels From Their Ears To Their Hearts

Originally published Tuesday, 15 January 2013.


I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
God made me special, on purpose, for His purpose.
I will love the Lord my God with all my heart, all my soul, and with all my strength!

If you peeked into our window you would see me grabbing my girls from in front of the television one by one, squeezing them tight and asking them to repeat after me…

If you walked passed a bedroom at night you would probably hear us chanting these words in unison...

Marching to the car, sitting around the dinner table… throughout our day I intentionally try to pour these exact words into the minds and hearts of my 4 girls.

What surprises me is that if you stand at the bottom of our stairs you may hear whispers of these words as the girls push their strollers and babies from room to room.

You just might be able to pick out a few of these words if you stood at the kitchen table and listened carefully as homework is being completed.

And best of all, you may even get to enjoy a mini concert version of these words if you were to stand outside of the shower!
One of the best things about God's word is that it requires very little work from us.

God's word in and of itself is powerful.
If we speak into the ears and minds of our children, He will work it into their hearts.