God Answers Prayers

Originally published Tuesday, 26 May 2015.


I’m not sure why I was feeling particularly brave this day. Normally, I would carefully adjust my schedule in order to avoid this type of thing. Meaning, normally I waited for my husband to come home before I left the house…..with the kids…..alone.

I’m only slightly joking…keep reading and you will understand why.

However this day I decided I could do it.

I went to Target.

On my own.

With all 4 of my girls.


I am not sure what I actually thought I was going to buy or where I would put it, considering my cart was full before I even walked through the doors! But on this day, for whatever reason, I decided I could do it and I could do it alone.

I can only imagine how we must have looked…..A five year old tugging at my left thigh. A three year old waddling on my right and a shopping cart loaded with two infant car seats. 

I was that mom. The mom you watch in awe and amazement with a twinge of sympathy and pity.

We were strolling the aisles pretty seamlessly when somewhere between the cereal and toothbrushes it happened.

The moment all mom’s dread… “I have to go potty!”


I tried to ignore her 1st three cries.  But as I watched her hand intensely cup her bottom, I knew I was in trouble.

We scurried through the aisles back to the front of the store and reached the entrance to the restroom.

A sign read, “No shopping carts allowed beyond this point”

Oh my! I began to play the scenarios in my head:

Scenario 1- Remove my two infant seats and carry my twins one by one into the restroom, while towing along the two older girls. Sit the seats on the floor outside of the stall…line the paper and load the 3 year old….wash hands and head back out to the cart.

Scenario 2 - Leave my cart, my twins, and my 5 year old outside of the restroom…..

….ok clearly I only had one option!

I have been forced to develop the skill of creative problem solving, but I was out of options.  Meanwhile my three-year-old’s hand was getting tighter and we were all in tears, helplessly standing outside the door.

I took a final scan of the store. I guess I thought one final look before I began the process might give me some new insight….Nothing.

Finally I whispered a desperate prayer, “Lord, help me!”

It was in that moment that out of nowhere I saw a familiar face strolling towards me!

I practically threw my cart in her direction as I yelled, “I’ll explain when I get back….”

I’m not sure I’ve recovered from this experience. However it has surely served its purpose. I often recall this experience to remind myself…..

God answers prayers

…..Sometimes he’s just waiting for us to ask.