Called To Lay Down

Originally published Tuesday, 24 June 2014.

I don't like lying flat.

I'm more of an on my side, arm bent, elbow up and head propped with two feather filled pillows while wearing a pair of fluffy socks and sipping on a whipped cream topped drink, kind of girl.

Get my drift? Like most people, I like to be comfortable. And over the years I've gotten pretty good at knowing and doing exactly what I need to do in order to make that happen.

But in this moment, something was different.

I found myself lying flat, eye to eye with the hairs of my carpet. No whipped cream, or pillows for that matter, was in site.

It was one of the most uncomfortable yet treasured moments I've experienced. There I stayed with the ground beneath me and these words ringing in my ears:

"It's not about my comfort, it's about His Glory."

Well of course it is, right?

Or is it?

As a Christian, I am committed to the cause of Christ.

But am I?

I'm committed to loving Christ with my life.

But do I?

I'm guilty of seeking personal comfort...

Doing what I'm called to do....when it's convenient..

My comfort...His glory.

I'm grateful for a gentle God that lays us down to raise us up.

Bringing Him glory does not always feel good. But it's always impactful.

Full submission produces treasured moments.

Christ calls us to lay down...flat.

Whether it's setting the table for another night of chicken fingers, chauffeuring soccer balls and water bottles around the city, opening a closed door for a stranger or praying quietly while others speak...serving Christ fully simple means it's not about me.

Lately instead of a quiet corner and fluffy socks, I find myself looking for areas where my face can meet the ground and my life can fully be about His glory.
Today, are you lying down?