There is Hope for Your Tired Body and Soul

Originally published Friday, 05 December 2014.

I’ll refresh tired bodies; I’ll restore tired souls. Jeremiah 31:25 (MSG)

Are you tired?

Are you weary?

Have you got that December feeling? The feeling that this year has been long enough already, and that it’s time for a holiday, and time for new things to begin. 

The feeling that comes with a to-do list that keeps getting longer but never seems to get done.

I’ve got that feeling. 

Even this year which has been a pretty easy year for my husband and I with no cancer treatments is beginning to feel long. 

This morning when I read Jeremiah 31:25 my soul sighed, whoosh:

I’ll refresh tired bodies; 

I’ll restore tired souls.

My soul let out a breath I didn’t even know I’d been holding because I realised that God can refresh my tired body and restore my weary soul. 

I don’t need to add refresh body and soul to my to-do list I can leave that in God’s hands. 


Ponder: Do you need to leave refreshing your body and soul in God’s hands?

Pray: Lord, thank you that you’ve promised to refresh my body and soul. Come and revitalise my body and soul. 

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