One thing to remember when you feel like you won’t make it (and a free printable so you don’t forget it)

Originally published Wednesday, 20 May 2015.

So he became their Saviour.

In all their troubles, he was troubled, too.

He didn’t send someone else to help them.

He did it himself, in person.

Out of his own love and pity he redeemed them.

He rescued them and carried them along for a long, long time. 

Isaiah 63:8-9 (MSG)

Do you ever feel like giving up? You know those days when everything just seems too heavy? The times when nothing is going your way?

Maybe you or a loved one just got a diagnosis of a dread disease. Or you’ve just pushed aside a pile of debts you don’t know how to pay to read the internet. Or maybe one more relationship has ended and your heart can hardly take it. 

Recently, I’ve spent time with a number of people who are struggling to figure out how they will make it. And most of the time I don’t really know what to say them. 

Then this morning I stumbled across these verses in Isaiah and I felt like God was saying, here is the one thing you need to remember when you feel like you won’t make it: 

“You will make it because I carry you.”

Not because you were bought up to be tough, not because you have kind friends, not because you’ve figured out how to hide your pain but because the one who hung the stars in the sky will carry you. 


I don’t know about you but that blew my mind. 

In fact, I went back and read Isaiah 63:8-9 again and again letting it sink in, changing it, personalising it:

So God became my Savior.

In all my troubles, he was troubled, too.

He didn’t send someone else to help me.

He did it himself, in person.

Out of his own love 
and pity he redeemed me.

God rescued me 

and carried me along for a long, long time. 

This verse reminds me that God cares about my troubles, he takes a personal interest in me, and he is strong enough to carry me and my burdens for as long as it takes. 

Next time you feel like you won’t make it whisper to yourself:

I’ll make it because God carries me. (tweet this)

Ponder: What things are making you feel like you won’t make it at the moment? Do you think that God is strong enough to carry you and your burdens.

Prayer: Jesus, I’m in trouble. And I need you to carry me, maybe for a long, long time. Help me to feel your arms around me and your presence. Amen.

Print: I’ve made a three versions of this free printable for you to download and stick on your wall, mirror or desktop to remind you that God will carry you when you feel like you won't make it. Make sure to take a pic and tag me when you use them. 
Click here to download the printables below (all three in one document). 

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