Does Jesus (really) like me?

Originally published Tuesday, 04 June 2013.

O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me. Psalm 139:1 (NLT)

I once spent what seemed like days writing the same words over and over. I wrote these words in big letters, I wrote them in small, I wrote them in journals. I scribbled these words in pencil and painted them in scarlet red and wrote them on my heart:

“God, you know when I can’t get up and when I spring out of bed; you recognise my thoughts from among millions. Nothing about me is strange to you God. You could start my sentences you know me so well…there is nowhere I can go to get away from you God, nowhere I can crawl that you could not find me and follow me into…You created me, stitch by stitch, moulded my arms and legs and liver and placed jewels in my eyes…all the days you have given to me were planned before I drew a breath.”*

I knew only one thing at the time. Even today there are times when I know nothing else. I do not understand it. I cannot easily explain it. The one thing I knew then, that I still know now, is that when I am stumbling through my life (and when you're finding your way through yours) Jesus is with us and he likes me and you very much. I do not know how he happens to be there, and I do not know how he finds us, all I know is that he is there.

Do you believe that Jesus is with you even in the darkest times of your life? Does this change the way you live?

*(Paraphrase of Psalm 139 my own)

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