Do I matter to God?

Originally published Saturday, 22 June 2013.

And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Matthew 10:30 (NIV)

My husbands’ hair is all over the house. 

The bathroom is the worst. There are tiny black hairs everywhere as if malting dogs have just shaken themselves off in our tiny, tiled room.

I can’t even blame him.

My husband is having chemotherapy and his hair is betraying him.

It’s falling out of his head, his arms, his chest and his soul patch.

I look down at the trail of hairs my husband’s leaving and I wonder if it’s true that God knows every hair on our heads. I wonder if God feels sad, like I do, that my husband is losing his hair?

I wonder if it matters to God and I realise my real question is do we matter to God? 

God? Do you care about me? (tweet this)

I asked my husband how he knows that God cares for him and he said, 

“I know God cares for me because the good stuff out weighs the bad. It’s disproportionate. There is a lot of bad but the good stuff is always better than the bad.
There’s my cancer diagnosis, that’s really bad, but then there is the fact that I got the best job I’ve ever had while receiving treatment, the last 4 chemo’s I’ve had almost no side effects and God surprised us with a trip to Italy. 
Through all those things he shows that he is carrying us, that he’s there and that he cares. There is still bad stuff. Life is still hard but God gives us good things in the midst of it to remind us that he cares.”

I liked his answer. It made sense to me. My husband didn’t speak words I wanted to hear, he uttered truths he is living. 

Listening to him I realised I often complicate my view of God. I try to look for tangible things that signify he loves me. 

I want to see my name written in the sunset but God just wants me to live like I matter to him. (tweet this)

Maybe you are like me, out looking for one big sign that God cares while God’s out scattering good things amongst the bad. 

Have you ever wondered if you matter to God? What 3 good things have happened in your life today that reminded you God cares about you? Take a moment to thank God for them.

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