A Volcanic Guide To Following Jesus

Originally published Wednesday, 22 May 2013.

“Come, follow me…” Jesus said. Matthew 4:19b (NIV)

Photo: Creationswap.com

A FEW YEARS ago in the Philippines I was given the opportunity to climb an active volcano. 

On the way up I struggled and sweated and slipped my way uphill through sand that could only have been made of ash. 

The view at the top was magnificent but I didn’t find God there. 

I edged down towards the crater with our guide and almost slipped on a corner but he caught my hand and steadied my feet. He was in rubber flip-flops but his feet were as steady as a mountain goat.

The time came to descend and I decided that I would follow in our guide’s footsteps.

I would literally put my feet where he had stepped. 

That’s how the descent started, as he lifted his foot, I placed mine in the displaced soil. The plan worked really well, till I was about half way down, and decided that if I just put my feet in the vicinity of his, I’d be safe and I wouldn’t slip and fall.

I stopped being so careful, stopped walking in his footsteps and the ground slid out from under me and I just managed to stop myself from landing in the dust.

I returned to the rhythm of placing my feet in the guides’ footsteps. 

As I did I began to think of Jesus. 

I began to think how he walked up to the men who became his disciples and said, “Come follow me”. 

I pondered why Jesus didn’t say, “Come walk beside me” or “Come with me” or “Come along for the party”.

Instead he said “Come follow me…come put your feet where I have trodden and I will show you a new life, I will show you a new way of living and even though we walk along the edge of a volcano you can trust me that I know the path and that I won’t let you stumble and fall.”

How will you respond to Jesus’ invitation to “Come follow me”?

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