7 devotionals that inspired and challenged me in 2014

Originally published Wednesday, 31 December 2014.

I write most of the devotionals on this site myself however I love sharing the voices of others who have found Jesus is with them and likes them in the midst of something hard. 

Sometimes I ask people who inspire me to write for me and other times they ask if they can share something. 

Here are some of the devotionals written by guests on my site that inspired me and challenged me the most in 2014. (If you'd like to see your devotional on this site in 2015 go here to find out how that can happen).

When you're going through a deep, dark valley

This guest devotional is by a woman I've never met but who reached out to me to tell me her story, her story that was like mine but different. Her story was of meeting a man with skin darker than hers and making South Africa her home. They now live back in her home country, the USA, but somehow it feels like she could come over for milk tart and rusks and we'd get along just fine. Kate Motaung recently released ebook called Letters to Grief. 

Read her devotional here

When it feels like God has forgotten your dreams

I lent this space to Renee Fisher, a woman and a writer who knows what it feels like to lose sight of dreams and then have God birth new ones. 

Read her devotional here

How to find contentment in difficult circumstances

Kelli McIntosh is a wife and the mother of two children.  Her 7-year old son, Kyle, has special needs and as a result, Kelli has been on a journey the last 7 years that she never would have imagined.  I loved her post because it reminds me of the difference hope can make. 

Read her devotional here 

When you're wondering if God is broken (or what happens when all you can hear is silence)

Rachel challenges me not to allow my circumstances to limit my view of God. 

Read her devotional here  

When your Prince Charming isn’t who you think he is 

Claire, is a South African blogger who wants her life to mean something and is using her words to figure out what that looks like. Her post was part of that journey and I hope it helps you to find meaning in your own life.  

Read her devotional here

The One Thing I Wish I Believed Sooner

I asked Dabney to guest post on my blog because I cried my way through her book, When God intervenes, on a flight to France. She helps me remember that sometimes the best miracles look like nothing. 

Read her devotional here 


When you have to do something you don't want to

I first heard of Bronwyn via an online friend who told me they knew another South African blogger who lived in California. And then I bumped into her online one day and we both went, "I've heard of you!". I loved her writing and invited her to share on ilovedevotionals. 

Read her devotional here 

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