To Pursue

Originally published Tuesday, 23 April 2013.

Lately I've struggled with feeling distracted and completly unmotivated. This is a departure for me as my TYPE A personality always demands that I go go go and that I'm always doing something. So when I read a verse in 1 Timothy with the very active and motivational word, pursue, the side of me that is always the cheerleader (even when I'm an unmotivated cheerleader) sparked a little flicker in my heart. Through the fog of distraction, this passage also caught my attention with a check list of sorts. When thoughts are swirling in my head with no grounding or I can't seem to finish anything I start, a firm list of what exactly I need to do appeals to me and brings back some sense of focus.

Do you see what I mean with a check list? This verse leads me towards some sort of order in my life as I pursue...

~righteousness: act in a manner that shows people you love Jesus

~godliness: make decisions in my life to do or not to do things that are against God's Word

~faith: know that even though I don't feel passionate about even faith right now, that doesn't change who God is in reality

~love: remember to love and serve others and get over the pity party I'm throwing

~steadfastness: get up and do something, the first step is the hardest but the momentum created by just doing something dispels my laziness

~gentleness: find some quiet space to allow the Lord to pour His gentle love on my heart and reignite the passion of faith

So as I circle back to the word pursue, I conjur up an image that says, "get off your patootie, quit feeling sorry for yourself and live your life outside of the fog." Through the fog of distraction I push through and pursue what I know is truth...

God gives me life and in ABUNDANCE. (John 10:10)

This gift is free for the taking but it is my job to PURSUE it. It is my duty put my faith in God'd LIFE ABUNDANTLY offered and pursue with passion and priority my relationship with Jesus.

This verse was a kick in the hiney for me and I hope it is for you should you feel as if living in a thick fog of distraction. Don't just sit there...PURSUE!

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