Soul Care: Lavish

Originally published Thursday, 17 July 2014. that is a word that sits well on my soul. Does it cause your heart to swirl with possibilities? Does it peek your mind's interest as to what could possibly happen if you were to lavish your Jesus? Does your soul long to be lavished?


Verb. bestow something in generous or extravagant quantities upon.

synonyms: give freely to, spend generously on, bestow on, heap on, shower with

Mary defined the word lavish when she...

"took a pound of fine ointment, pure nard (which is both rare and expensive), and anointed Jesus’ feet with it; and then she wiped them with her hair. As the pleasant fragrance of this extravagant ointment filled the entire house..." John 12:3 The Voice

This wasn't just some cheap perfume from behind the drugstore counter. That would have been easy. To pour out this fine ointment cost much –– a year's wages. Money is precious no matter what culture or day and age. No, this wasn't the cheap version, it was pure. Perhaps a reflection of Mary's heart as she lavished Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair?

An act of devotion

An act of gratitude

An act of humility

When Judas attempts to put her down for lavishing, Jesus affirms Mary.

"Leave her alone. She has observed this custom in anticipation of the day of My burial. 8 The poor are ever present, but I will be leaving." John 12:7

We don't know if Mary fully understood the significance of her lavish display of devotion. What we do know is that this woman set aside social norms, financial comfort, and pride to physically show Jesus that He is deserving. All Mary desired to do at that moment was honor her King.


I'm searching my heart today to see if I am as willing to lavish Jesus, to pour out my devotion, to offer Him my pure heart and soul.

What would that look like?

Stepping out of my comfort out of my comfort zone to lavish Him.

Expressing with the depths of my soul who I know He is...then truly believing Him...lavish.

Opening my hand and pouring out what the world deems as valuable so my hands are open to accept the intangible that my Jesus is so willing to lavish up me.

Ponder. Saturate your soul with His Truth. Fill your mind with adjectives that lavishly describe His nature. Live with open-ness to His goodness. Serve and love the unlovable because He loves them.

Let us lavish with our life.

Let us lavish with our words.

Let us lavish for these acts are oh so good for the soul.

(photo credit: kennysarmy via photopin cc)