Seek His Face

Originally published Tuesday, 30 April 2013.


Every now and again I share the literal pages in my journal where I spill my real, raw and unedited thoughts...

Lord I'm intrigued by this concept I see popping up in Scripture: Seek The Face Of God. I want to know how to seek your face. David, Moses, Paul, John all sought your face and I don't want to miss out! I want in on what the angels see––I want to see Your glory, your beauty, your majesty, YOUR FACE.


I do know that I need to give thanks to Jesus for making a way for me to see Your face Lord. Thank You Jesus for the cross. Thank You for opening wide the curtain so I can experience God.




Let me not live in numb apathy––missing out on little sparkles of heaven you surprise me with every day. Open my eyes to see Your face...

in the beautiful sunrise and crystal clear morning


in the smile of a stranger on the street


in the graciousness of a friend who offers an unexpected hug


in the thought that I can curl up next to you and share my heart.