It's Hard to do the Hard Stuff

Originally published Wednesday, 19 February 2014.

Last week God pressed pause yet again on my life as we enjoyed another "blizzard." Yes, in the south we are not prepared nor equipped so we tuck away for an entire week to weather all of 7 inches of snow. Don't laugh. It was glorious.


In metaphorical terms, it was also a week of calm before the storm. I'm now out of my comfy cozy place of snuggling with a warm blanket and hot chocolate and deep into the HARD STUFF of editing my book. I call it hard stuff because honestly, I really didn't want to come out of the comfy cozy and dig deep. Yep...there were tears and a bit of a tantrum on my part. But God is good. God is faithful. And God and I had a hard chat about this hard stuff.

It's all about the bigger picture. The bigger picture and the Kingdom perspective.

Do you have hard stuff you just don't want to dig into?

Your hard stuff might be reconciling a relationship because you see the bigger picture and that is LOVE.

Your hard stuff might be saying sorry and you do it because the bigger picture of freedom and forgiveness is better than bitterness.

Your hard stuff might be doing THAT THING you just don't want to do. That thing might be something heavy God laid on your heart. Something or some task which He equipped only YOU to do. Use your gifts. Use your talents. Use your time and do the HARD STUFF.

I will end with something I posted on Facebook as a reminder to myself and encouragement to others who need to do the hard stuff.

Doing the hard stuff hard... But we must look at the bigger picture––the Kingdom perspective. For, the blood, sweat and tears put in along the way are markers and reminders of what God is doing IN us while we grip HIS hand ever so tight and JUST DO THE HARD STUFF.

I'm off to go and edit this book now. Hang in the HARD STUFF. There are blessings to behold when we step out in obedience to Him.


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