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I Pressed Pause

Originally published Thursday, 09 January 2014.

I was so very cozy. I didn't want to leave my little cozy work space I created on my couch with my books, my journals, my laptop. The heater warmed me up to a toasty 70 degrees, my Pandora station kicked out great, inspiring worship music and I felt so good snuggled in to get some study in, to get some time with the Lord and then some time to write about it. My phone rang. It was my son's teacher. The 5 year old had an accident in his little blue jeans. My first reaction: Child...you are potty trained for goodness sakes.

But, I don't want to leave this comfortable cavern I've created of upmost productivity on this, the coldest day of the year.

Then, the image of my cute little booger smiling at me made me press pause on my own need to be cozy, my own need to check off the to-do list, my own need to sit still with Jesus.

I decided to press pause.

I jumped in the car for the 3 minute drive to cute little elementary school. As I drove I smiled at the opportunity to peek into the classroom and spy on my cutie pie working and interacting with friends. My heart shined at the notion of one more hug and kiss that day. Thank goodness I pressed pause...

I pressed pause on my own agenda.

I pressed pause on my own comfort.

I even pressed pause on my sweet time with Jesus.

This one mental act of reevaluating my perspective on the situation stood as an act of worship before my Lord. For in the twenty minutes it took to run up to the school and back to my warm blanket, I took note of some special blessings in my life and thanked Jesus for them.

Worship in pressing pause.

I could have turned that moment into an entirely different scenario that might have looked quite ugly. A bad attitude about leaving my comfortable work cave could have stifled my moment of thanksgiving and worship. My perspective of being inconvenienced could have robbed me of the gushing of excitement and love I embraced from my little guy.

Thank goodness I pressed pause. What do you think?

What scenerio has called you to press pause lately? Leave a comment...let's chat!

(photo credit: Maze Walker via photopin cc)