How To Enjoy God

Originally published Tuesday, 09 July 2013.

How to enjoy God...

A simple answer to a loaded proposition...simply ask Him to give us new perspective on the world –– HIS WORLD –– He created with you and with me in mind.

Father God, give us eyes to look past ourselves and see Your beauty bountiful in the world surrounding us. Help us to clear away the cobwebs that dampen the brightness of Your presence that already surrounds us. Give us a heart full of worship of Your glory. Amen!

Some other words that come to mind when I think of ENJOY...

RELISH...oh that's a juicy one. May we taste Your goodness as we actively pursue You day by day. May we see Your zest and spice in life as we look past our so-called mundane. For it is in the so-called mundane that we find comfort and security, but Lord! let us see Your spice of life in our routine and mandatory to-do lists.

DELIGHT...give us a twinkle in our eyes as we think of You as our Father, Our King and our FRIEND. May we delight in new and fresh conversations with You through out our day. Show us what YOU delight in, Lord. Stretch our heart towards delighting in those things too. us to slow down and soak in your presence. Remind us that Your presence is ever fulfilling and satisfying–– the ultimate blessing.

We were created to enjoy God and interact with Him in every square inch of our life. It is our choice, daily though, to enjoy Him, to relish and actively pursue Him, to delight in His friendship, to savor His presence. It is our choice to simply ask Him to give us a fresh perspective and a heart willing to enjoy Him. By living a life of worship...looking to ENJOY God... we develop this fresh perspective and live outside of ourselves to look toward His grandeur. For it is by standing in His grandeur (rather than our own plan and agenda) that our soul delights, relishes, savors and enjoys where God has us right here and now.

What are your thoughts on this simple plan answering our quest of how to enjoy God? Do you have any additional words to add to the list? Leave a comment...let's chat!