How This TYPE A Sits Still

Originally published Tuesday, 14 January 2014.

I felt a theme pass over my heart: Sit still and be filled by Jesus, Go only when He says Go! This theme is a way of thinking, a way of life, a way of worship for me this year. I'm almost embarrassed to share it for fear that you might think that I, the one who talks about making Jesus famous and living out His Kingship, do not nor never has sat still and filled up by Jesus. Pride,right? Heaven forbid anyone think this is a NEW thing God is doing in my life.

Nope. Not a new thing.

Not anything different than before.

Not anything revolutionary. changing.


I just expressed this theme to a friend over coffee. As the words spilled out of my mouth I almost stopped and laughed out loud. For, this upcoming year I am guaranteed that He will challenge my obedience to this very clear directive. Over the next year many projects lay on my plate. Many opportunities to knock open doors to make the "right" things happen. Many, many, many opportunities to use my God-given nature of being a TYPE A go-getter.

Yet, Jesus tells me to sit still?

That is the new thing in it all: how I will obey and trust.

I'm changing my perspective by naming this what it is––sitting still and being filled. In the past I would have called this waiting. Who doesn't just love to sit and wait, right? Who doesn't love to NOT have control over the outcome. Who doesn't love to hand over the reigns and outcome. Waiting makes my heart palpitate with anxiety as I come to the forgone conclusion that I must not g0 and do and get it done.

But sitting still...that sits differently in my heart and mind, if you will.

Instead of waiting for the outcome, the end, the next step, I sit and find satisfaction in the experience that I am SITTING with the very ONE who created the span of eternity with just one Word. Exciting. Rather than waiting and living in a state of limbo, I sit still and revel in the experience of peace and fellowship with the One who created me to be in constant relationship.

The KING wants me to sit at His feet.

So, not a new thing but a new perspective. Not a new posture of sitting, but a new posture of worship. Not a new way seeking satisfaction but a new and sure fire way to experience the FIRE and Fulfillment of His presence in my life.

Bottom line: sitting still is the greatest thing I can do in my life right this moment. Time will tell. Obedience must happen. Blessings abound.

Who's with me?

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