Finding Your Dream Job

Originally published Wednesday, 09 January 2013.


The all allusive quest to finding your dream job.

One of the greatest parts of my job as an author and blogger is that I get really interesting and thought provoking questions from readers. I LOVE to connect with you all and it makes me smile big time when I am blessed with an email chock full of questions. I wanted to share this question with you all since I am certain that many of you have entertained this same thought process. I wrote a whole chapter in Stress Point on career and the quest of finding your dream job. One of the main elements in navigating your career  (and, well, anything else in life ) is keeping a sharp focused eye and heart on the Lord. What I love about this particular reader question is that it comes from a college student. I love that she desires to seek after God even when she is unsure of her next steps in life after college.



Question from Ivana:

I do have a few questions regarding journal 5 in chapter 1 {of Stress Point}. You see, I'm not exactly in my "dream job" or working in a career to hopefully land that dream job. I'm a full-time student working on my major and babysit for some cash. So I'm having a little trouble trying to think of what I need to work to work on in finding my dream job. How does a 20-something year old student try to find focus on Him alone? How did you go about it when you were a college student?

My answer:

I really think that many other women might be wondering the same thing. College years are such a transitional time. To answer your question about "dream job" I would say that your job right now is to learn as much as you can and work hard to make good grades and get involved with groups at school that will help you to land a job when you graduate. By taking all different types of classes you are exposing yourself to different industries which will help you figure out what you want to do--with God's direction, of course.

Here is a little snippet of what I wrote in the introduction chapter of Stress Point about finding your dream job:

Nearly every woman in her twenties at some point deals with career woes. We may not be in our dream job at this moment, and we may find ourselves so completely frustrated we’d rather curl up in bed with the comforter over our heads than go to work. But our careers were never meant to be the center of our lives. God planned your career to be a spoke in the wheel of your life, with Him alone as the hub of that wheel. He wants to be not only a reality in your career but the grounding point, the still center to which you come for wisdom, guidance, and godly success.

Ivana, at this point in time, I think that as you work through school and look ahead towards finding your dream job, you WILL run smack dab into what God has planned for your career as long as you are open to God's leading and direction. This "leading" might come in the form of some godly words or encouragement from a mentor or someone you look up to. It might come from open doors and opportunities. Or, it might come from closed doors. It will definitely come when you take time daily to have conversations with Jesus in prayer and in His Word. As you make Him your one and only Wish--to please Him and to worship Him in all that you do -- finding your dream job will be less about what YOU want and more about how you can live your life and work in a job that makes Jesus famous.

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