Day 5: How To Be Captivated

Originally published Friday, 12 September 2014.


There is much around us that captivates our attention. Like the hummingbird captivated by my wildflower garden, she darts from one flower to another in split second intervals not truly savoring each flower's unique sweetness. We stand captivated to be consumed and we consume to be captivated. As we feast together on the fame of Jesus, might sit at the table captivated for the sole purpose of seeking out who He is rather than what He offers us for our self-focused consumption?


Press In

When was the last time you searched and studied Scripture through the lens not of what we learn about ourselves, but through the lens of "this is all about Jesus?" When was the last time you knelt in prayer in silent confidence and listened, really listened? When was the last time you stepped back from your present life issues and sought after His goodness through it all, confident that goodness is there for the finding?

To me, this is captivating.


Your majesty and glorious splendor have captivated me; I will meditate on Your wonders, sing songs of Your worth. (Psalm 145:5 The VOICE)

On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wondrous works, I will meditate. (Psalm 145:5 ESV)

Pour out

When we pour out there is not time or attention to consume for selfish gain. The act of pouring out leaves us in a perfect position to observe this glorious splendor which the Psalmist King David passionately expresses. By emptying of self, we chase after the never ending splendor that fulfills and satisfies. We see the world around us as His playground and we enjoy God's presence by hopping on the merry-go-round with an open heart of worship. To enjoy the King, to be captivated, brings pleasure to Him. I want to make God smile!

Pour Forth

Oh these words are fanciful and just nice sentiments strung together if we don't set our sights on getting out and doing life intentionally. The Creative Creator and His works shine bright when we refuse to walk through life dim to the beauty. Living day by day just to survive will only promise discouragement. No, there is a bigger picture––a broader horizon.

Will we make ourselves available to be captivated?


What do you think about our 21 Day feast so far? Have you celebrated in a way you've never worshiped before? Please let me know! I want to encourage you.

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