Choosing To Say Thank You

Originally published Monday, 13 May 2013.

Today I had a wonderful lunch with a new friend. With our smart phones set aside, we had one of those get real about life conversations. The word contentment fell out of my mouth and my friend promptly asked striaight up about how I live my life content. My response came quickly and honestly with an absolute disclaimer: I often find myself driving down the mental road of comparision and discontent.

Bottom line, contentment is a daily choice. It is a choice that must always be coupled with a heart of gratitude toward Jesus.

I encourage you to take a moment and think about times where you feel discontent or stuck in the rut of comparison. Maybe you look at all of your friends getting married and wonder when it will be your turn. Maybe you look at other women who look super cute in that swimsuit and wish you, too, had that kind of body. Maybe you are dissatisfied with your job and feel under appreciated. During those times of discontent, did you ever stop to think about all the blessings in your life? Or where the "what ifs" or "why not me" or the "when's my chance" blocking your view of the good things in your life? All of these questions of discontent rob us of seeing God's goodness everyday.

By blessings and goodness I'm not just talking about tangible ways God gives us gifts. Though He often chooses to pour into our lives physical blessings, what truly fills our hearts desire for contentment are the intangible ways that God expresses His love for us. Lately, I've chosen contentment by intentionally setting my heart focus on who God is and who He is to me...

He is my Abba Father, loving and covering me with protection.

He is generous with His mercy; forgiving me when I go astray.

He is my Creator who took great care in shaping and forming me...I must respect His creation by caring for myself.

He is all powerful and nothing in this world surprises Him. No matter how life shakes up with drama, God is my firm foundation.

So as I reflect on my answer to my friend about contentment, I realize that no matter the "what if," "why not me," "when's my turn?" that I'm often tempted to dwell upon, there are always greater thoughts of gratitude and reflections on God's intangible blessings that fill that discontent hole in my heart. It is my daily choice to say, THANK YOU and turn that discontentment into a heart that embraces God's glory and goodness in my life.

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