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Blah Faith

Originally published Tuesday, 29 April 2014.

I've been mulling over doing this re-post of some writing I created back in 2010. The reason I want to re-share it is because I've heard from many that they are feeling something but just don't know what word to use as a description. Allow me to put a word to this feeling??? Blah.

Below is what I wrote about in 2010 AS I was going through what we will call Blah Faith.

Blah. That is the only word to describe my faith right now. I would rather not open my Bible for my daily time with God and just “check the box.” I really don’t want to read verses that seem dry and not applicable to me at this moment. And, I seriously don’t want to pray when the distance between Jesus and me seems to grow wider every time I try to talk to Him. Blah. Its the only word...


I really do know better than to believe that this is the full potential of my relationship with God right now, in this season. Past experience with Jesus tells me that it doesn’t have to be this way and He never intended my faith to be, well, Blah. So, I think I have come up with a game plan to lessen the gap and spice up my faith. If you are experiencing a Blah kind of faith right now, give it a try. Know that you are not alone and that most of us go through highs and lows in our relationship with the Lord. 

Plain and simple: I am going to just show up. 

** I will just show up with my Bible, a pen and some paper to pour out my heart and express this feeling of distance. I know He will meet me there, listen and allow me to draw nearer.

**I will just show up at church and sing the songs. Though someone else wrote the lyrics, those words will speak to God what I can not come up with from my own heart. I know He will meet me there and receive my worship.

**I will just show up on my knees and pray; listing all the things I am grateful for and refine my perspective on life. I know He will meet me there and remind me of blessings long forgotten.

**I will just show up to serve and do something for someone else less fortunate. I know He will meet me there and set a spark in my heart to rekindle the flame of faith. You might be wondering how I could be so certain that God will meet me when I just show up.

One Bible verse popped in my mind that I have based this game plan on.

“I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” Revelation 22:13

God never changes. My world has turned upside down and right side up too many times to count, but my God always stands firm. No matter how flaky or blah my faith might be, He never gives up on me. No matter how much I ignore His presence, Jesus is always there. His power, love and strength are not dependent on my feelings at any given moment. Jesus will meet us when we just simply show up.

Thoughts? Ever experienced Blah faith? Leave a comment...let's chat!

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photo credit: Send me adrift. via photopin cc