Advent 2013: Awe and Wonder Day 9

Originally published Monday, 09 December 2013.

Even in the hectic days we call Monday along our  journey, these Mondays can take on new meaning––Awe and Wonder––if we see this day as a gift. Each day we have on this earth is a chance to take part in God's Kingdom plan, to take part in His majesty. God doesn't need you and I to make a difference in our world. He doesn't need anything from us. But yet, He WANTS us to be a part of His Kingdom. He WANTS us to be His voice, His hands, His love to the world that does not yet know Him. We can best prepare ourselves to take part in this adventure of Awe and Wonder by setting our hearts to praise Him––setting our minds and priorities toward heavenly pursuits rather than our own agenda. Today, join me in some quiet prayer journaling...  

Today's Advent Scripture from THE VOICE: Psalm 105: 1-6

We will break down all six verses of our passage for today with prayer/journal prompts to work through. So, get out your pen, grab your bible and let's dig in.

~Verse 1: Come, offer thanks to the Eternal; invoke His holy name. Tell other people about the things He has done.

Journal: Father God, My Eternal King, I thank you for... (share what you are thankful for)

~Verse 2: Sing songs of praise to Him; tell stories of all His miracles.

Journal: Think of a time where you clearly saw God work in your life. Write out details of that moment. Write out a few words of praise and thanks. **If a moment doesn't come to mind, write out a prayer asking God to open your heart to hear and see more of Him in your life.

~Verse 3: Revel in His holy name. May the hearts of the people who seek the Eternal celebrate and experience great joy.

Journal: Over our Advent journey we've covered several names of God (Immanuel-God with us, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Savior and more). Take some time to write out these names of God. Just writing them out engrains them in our heart and mind.

~Verse 4: Seek the Eternal and His power; look to His face constantly.

Journal: Lord, today I commit to seeking You instead of looking for comfort in these earthly things in my life... ~Verse 5 & 6: Remember the wonderful things He has done, His miracles and the wise decisions He has made,O children of Abraham, His servant; O children of Jacob, His chosen people!

Journal: Lord, You are wise beyond measure, today I will follow You and depend on You...

I know it might be tempting to skip over this prayer journaling, to click on to the next website with out digging in. But, when we do the work on our end, when we commit our selves to prayer and studying God's Word, He will show up and speak to us. (Jeremiah 29:13-14) Thank you joining me in some quiet journaling time today.

Check back in tomorrow for Day 10!

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