Above All Else Day 1

Originally published Monday, 08 September 2014.


The table is set. With the finest of linens dressing the table and the silver gleaming in the twinkle of the light, we prepare for the feast. This is a feast and a celebration fit for The King, the One deserving of our biggest and most exuberant accolades and worship. I would invite you to have a seat but I have a feeling we will not stay sitting for long. But this is no ordinary table full of plates and food and finery. No, this celebration exists where you are right here and now. Right now I'm in my sweaty gym clothes yet I'm perfectly dressed for the occasion. For the fine linens and bright silver and crystal clear glassware I bring is my upmost worship regardless my outward adornment. A willing heart to press in, pour fourth and pour out is all that is required to attend this feast.

And He is pleased. 

For the next 21 days we will cultivate a holy habit of regularly partaking in this feast to make much of Jesus.

Why do we do this?

What is in it for us?

What good does it do to partake in this feast?

You see, when we pour forth praise with open arms, we are better positioned to receive His power rather than our own futility. We are open to His mercy and cling less and lest to our own need to strive for perfection. We are free to LIVE in His joy instead of the flat elation that comes with pursuits of the temporary.

But regardless of this, Jesus is just flat out worthy.

Our life becomes less about us and more about His greatness. We gain satisfaction when there is less of you and me and more of the One who is WORTHY. A spiritual change takes place. What we once found as top priority wanes in beauty and importance in light of our need to lift Him ABOVE ALL ELSE.

The platform for our feast is Psalm 145–– a song of David abounding with praise and exhortation and declarations and proclamations. It is the perfect template. The perfect starting point to make this feast personal. Oh yes, this is personal. Your King hears You. Yes, YOU. He hears your praise.

And He is pleased.

Let us begin our feast. Each day I invite you to join in on any or all of the portions of the feast. I encourage you to go the distance. Really dig in. My words and thoughts are just a beginning. Keep going if you choose!

Pressing In

Verse 1. (Take a moment to read Psalm all the way through)

I will lift my praise above everything to You, my God and King!
I will continually bless Your name forever and always. (Psalm 145:1)

Join me and press in with prayer––worship filled prayer...

Oh Jesus I WILL! I am willing. I WILL. Today. Above All Else. You are above everything I hold dear. You are sweeter than any craving. You are just MORE than anything I attempt to chase after. I WILL. I CHOOSE. You are MY God and MY King. I claim that today and I WILL live in obedience of your kingly authority.

Pour Forth

Lord, show me the who, the what, the when, the how. Guide me in the "I will continually..." Continually is a commitment. Yes. Draw me in. Show me more of who you are for there is no better motivation for this continual blessing of Your name.

**How will you do "continually" today? How will you bless your King even when all else distracts this pure focus?

**Who can you bless today in His name?

**What will you trade to place Him above all else?

**When will you pour forth the fame of Jesus...continually?

Pour Out

Let's be bold and brave because we declared together that He is WORTHY. Let's RISE UP!

Over the next 21 days I will encourage you in various ways to POUR OUT your worship. I would love to see a ripple effect. I would love to hear about personal connections where we blessed someone or served someone just for the simple fact that you desire worship and serve the Lord. I would love to see the bold declarations that make Jesus famous spread over the world wide web.

~What if we took this feast to our social media feeds?

~What if we took this feast to the playgrounds and gushed about Jesus to the other moms?

~What if we took this feast to the break room at work and really listened to someone who is hurting all the while proclaiming His hope.


Start the ripple with me. Feel free to cut and paste this post below to use on Facebook or Twitter. ***I Invite you to tag 3 friends to CHALLENGE them to do the same thing!

Today I declare that Jesus is above all else. HE is above [[FILL IN THE BLANK...really make it personal]] I am choosing His hope, peace, love above all else today. #JustRISEUP


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