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5 Myths of Being Single

Originally published Tuesday, 19 March 2013.


1.    Meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right Doesn’t Take Away Insecurities

Taken from Not Another Dating Book, “We dare to dream of the day when that guy or girl is going to walk into the room and change our lives forever. But what happens when he or she does? What if those feelings of unworthiness...don't go away? What if it turns out that a human being won’t be able to satisfy the longings of our hearts?”

2.    Not Everyone Is Doing It

Relevant recently reposted an article entitled “The Secret Sexual Revolution” in which they quoted 80% of Christian 20-somethings are having premarital sex. I waited, and I also know plenty of people who did and didn’t. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Will you wait on what God has for you? Not EVERYONE is doing it. Geez.

3.    The Friend Zone Does Sucks

I don’t care how long you’ve crushed over someone who doesn’t like you back. Whenever you find out that he or she doesn’t like you back it’s devastating.

Taken from my book, “It’s when our desire to impress others supersedes our desire for God that we get ourselves into trouble. Big time. God is our Living Water and Bread of Life. He is more than enough to supply all our needs--including our need for a relationship.”

4.    What Are Your Deal Breakers?

Is it important that he or she manages their money, respects their parents, or can hold down a job? Some of these things may not matter when you’re dating, but can lead to problems in marriage. Find out what really matters to you now and then have the courage to follow through with your convictions.

5.    Breakups Don’t Have To Ruin Your Life

Taken from my book, “Trust in God’s ability to write a happy ending for your story, no matter how much trial you endure along the way. Remain. Remain. Remain.”

I’ve counseled many young adults through breakups. They’re tough for both parties especially if you have to run into them again at the store, church, or your job. Ask  God and others to help you through. You don’t have to be alone--and you will get through it!