The soundtrack to your day

Originally published Wednesday, 12 November 2014.

Sometimes when I enter a shop I am aware of the soundtrack being played. Sometimes it makes me head right out the door again as it interferes with the enjoyment of the shop or just generally grates on me. Other times the music seems to lull me into lingering in the shop and consequently spend more (yeah I fall into that shoppers' trap often!).

I remember growing up in the LP Albums and Record player days. The days if you didn't like the music playing at home you had to get up off your chair and wrangle with the needle and try and guess which groove meant the start of the song you wanted to hear. No easy buttons or auto selective playlists in those days!

We have soundtracks for our days too. And no, I'm not referring to the gnangman style aerobics playlist to get you pumping. I'm talking about the voice inside our head that's talking to us from the moment we get up. The voice that interrupts your making your mental to do list as you brush your teeth, with talk of your inability, worthiness and the yip the best is over, that is another grey hair voice. The voice that whispers to you while you're at coffee with a friend and says, see you're not as good a parent as they are, see how much more they do for their kids, see how much more in control they are, you're a failure.

Much as I would like to take that soundtrack out and shoot it like a clay pigeon, I can't. Sometimes it's like a record with a scratch in it, repeating the same line over and over. What I've learnt though, is to say to my soul - time to change the soundtrack and I hit it with a rebuttle. Just like a great debate. I refute the charges with the truth. I arm myself with Scriptures that speak direct to the issues. That's how you change the soundtrack in your mind.